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—  Piano and Guitar Lessons are 1 hour long.

—  Students learn better and faster when playing along to recordings, especially the rhythm.  Plus, its more fun.


—  The songs used for our lessons are fun and popular songs from the radio.


—  We provide lesson materials and instruments to use in the lesson.


—  In traditional lessons, students learn through memorization.  Our students learn to read music the same way you learn to read a language.  This has you playing many songs instead of just the ones you have memorized.


—  In traditional lessons, students stay on the same song for one or two months.  Our students play many songs every hour.  This eliminates boredom and keeps students interested.  It also makes students feel like they are playing music instead of practicing.  This also helps students learn faster and, its more fun.


—  In traditional lessons, students learn several things at a time (finger placement, notes, reading and rhythm).  Our students learn one thing at a time.  This helps with focus, learning faster and eliminates frustration.


—  In traditional lessons, students learn about 1 song ever 1 or 2 months.  With our program, even if you have never played before, you will be able to play 50 songs or more in 3 months or less, a few hundred songs in 6 months and, many hundreds of songs in 1 year.

—  No long-term contract.  Our lessons are month-to-month.  Students can take one month or as many months as they want to.  Cancel your lessons at any time with no obligation.

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