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About Our Method

Our Method -- “Pop Goes the Band”


Beginner Curriculum -- 60 songs and 46 sections consisting of notes, symbols, counting, harmony, rhythms and arpeggios.  

Intermediate Curriculum -- 60 songs and 35 sections consisting of major and minor scales, pentatonic scales, blues scales, extensions, rhythm combinations of upbeats and downbeats, plus combines the arpeggios, harmony and chords for more elaborate arrangements.

Advanced Curriculum -- 60 songs and 47 sections consisting of rhythms combining bass and treble, fingerings designed for speed, inversions, adding the extensions to the inversions and chord-scale combinations.


Professional Curriculum -- learn styles — Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Funk, Ballads, and Motown.


Our book series for piano and guitar lessons consists of thousands of songs to choose from.

Learn to play music the way we speak, by using a revolutionary new method that is not based on learning a new skill, but, on learning a new language. 

You will be able to play songs the first time you read the music, decorate the songs, play them differently every time based on your own style and likes, while getting all the enjoyment that music has to offer and, eliminating all the frustration. 

In order to read a sentence in english, Kinder students have to first sound out each letter repeatedly, then, put together words, then sentences, and, still not read it smoothly.  That’s how most music students play songs.  

But, an adult can read sentences as well as we can talk, without practicing, then, tell someone what they read in their own words, and, with their own expressions.  That’s how our students in our piano and guitar lessons play songs, like we speak a language, not through memorization.  We are the only school that is teaching this particular method.

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