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Do Not Do This...

For the sake of keeping your musical ability strong, do not use this type of chord chart. Some people think, "This is the quick and easy way to do it." But in the long run, this will ruin your playing ability. It is great to play with notes or with chord charts, just not with this type of chord chart.

These chord charts are uploaded to the internet by people who don't know what they are doing. People who know what they are doing, don't use these at all. If two or more people play the above song together, everyone will be playing different chords at different times.

My students have been showing me songs in this format that they have downloaded from online. All of these songs have wrong chords. Most have many wrong chords. Plus, they don't have bar-lines. That means that when you are playing from these charts, you are literally practicing to play off time. It is a lot more work to play from these charts than it is to buy the sheet music.

A seasoned musician, who can play almost any song at first sight, cannot play these chord charts because they do not have bar-lines. This is a fake language that non-musicians have invented. These type of chord charts are similar to this: you write a song on the saxophone and, instead of writing down the sheet music on manuscript paper, you just write lines that go up and down on regular paper and expect another saxophonist to play it. You are much better off taking a course on how to play by ear. Or, you can buy the real sheet music that comes with the chords on top because, it has the bar-lines.

Some students say, "I like these chord charts because they are just one page long. They don't have any page-turns." You are much better off buying the sheet-music, typing and printing the lyrics, and with a pen, writing in the chords and bar-lines by copying them from the sheet-music. This takes more time but you are much better off in the long run.

If you don't know what bar-lines are, please take at least one music lesson from a teacher to teach you about bar-lines.

Be kind to yourself and do it the right way (and, there are several right ways). This will remove frustration in the long run.

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